Counter Top Additive Pack - (CTAP)

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Counter Top Additive Pack is a power pack for making concrete counter tops when using a standard 80 lb concrete mix.  Don’t pay freight for 80 lbs of material….buy bag mix locally and add CTAP.  CTAP gives you all the specialty components needed to make a high performance concrete mix.

Benefits of using C-Top Admix.

  • Lightens color
  • Increases strength
  • Adds fine particles for a more dense top finish
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • Improves finishing characteristics
  • Accelerates set time
  • Decreases the water to cement ratio


In a rotating drum mixer, add the recommended amount of water called for by the manufacturer of the bag mix concrete. Slowly add half of the bag mix; next add entire CTAP container contents.  Once thoroughly mixed add the remainder of the bag mix.  Add small amounts of water as need to reach the desired consistency of the mix.  Keep in mind the less water used the stronger the resulting counter top.  Too dry of a mix though is much more difficult to consolidate and eliminate air pockets.  It is a balancing act, the best way to tune the total amount of water needed for your mix is to pour a test slab.

If mixing multiple bags of concrete at a time use the same procedure.  Add all water as called for by the bag mix manufacturer then add half of the bag mix. Add all required C-Top Admix containers (1 per bag sack mix) mix thoroughly, add remaining bag mix, then add water to reach desired consistency.

Mix Ratio:

(1) package of CTAP to (1) 80 lb. concrete bag mix.


14.36 lb. net weight


Square footage yeild calculations:

Counter Top Thickness                  (1) 80# bag + (1) C-Top Admix

1”                                                     7.0    sq ft

1.5”                                                  5.25    sq ft

2”                                                     3.5  sq ft 

2.5”                                                 1.75    sq ft