Concrete acid stain projects

Concrete acid stain projects

Personally, I love all the concrete colors we manufacture but Timberwolf is a nice, easy going, subtle tan color. I have used it as an accent color and a main color of my floor designs. The nice thing about acid stain colors is they complement each other so nicely.

Concrete acid stain products should only be used on fully cured concrete. Allow a minimum of 28-45 days of cure time after the concrete placement to allow ample time for the concrete to completely hydrate.

Timber wolf and Sanibel used on commercial property Close up of Timberwolf acid stain color

Depending on my the size of my job is how much stain I will use per project.  I know that a gallon of stain will cover between 100 to 200 square feet.  So depending on how I want the project to turn out (lighter or darker) is how much I use.  

I have used this particular color on commercial and residential jobs.  It came in real handy on a couple interior floor designs.  The color is even cool enough to be used on exterior projects like patios, pool decks, and walkways.

Feel free to mix and match colors for great discount pricing!  If you are not sure about the color just get a sample bottle.  Try it on a spot and see what you think.

Happy shopping!