Concrete design ideas and photos

There are so many ways to color concrete from concrete stain, integral color overlays, pigment stains, dyes, epoxy, chips, or simple sealing the surface and leaving it.
These are just a couple ideas of what can be done with Active Element products.  We will be adding photos from time to time.  If you use our products and would like to submit pictures simple email them to customer service we will post them with your copyright on them.
Sanibel concrete stain in commercial setting close up of Sanibel and Timberwolf concrete colors Front entry detail work
Rosewood on interior floors interior floor designs idea detail engraving design idea
multi color uses creates marble like pattern Concrete countertop in restaurant Intrigate colors on interior floor
Bathroom before rock countertop After bathroom of rock trasnformation Metallic epoxy countertop
Before master bathroom transformation After master bathroom transformation using concrete countertops