About us

Inside the Family-Run Decorative Concrete Supplies Business in the Ozarks

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes and rugged terrain of the Ozark Mountains lies a hidden treasure trove of creativity and dedication – a small, family-operated business specializing in decorative concrete supplies.

A Journey of Passion and Ingenuity
Brandon Adamson, the founder, boasts an extensive background spanning nearly three decades within the concrete industry. His journey was influenced by his father, Darrel Adamson, who carved his own path by owning and operating several concrete sawing and drilling enterprises before innovating the revolutionary Engrave-A-Crete system. Brandon's tenure alongside his father at Engrave-A-Crete revealed a gap in the market for decorative concrete supplies, such as concrete acid stains, sealers, coatings, and more. Recognizing this need, Brandon embarked on establishing his own company while simultaneously supporting his father's legacy in the industry.

Over the years, Brandon's expertise in chemical formulations and product development has flourished. Initially focusing on private labeling for other companies, Brandon expanded his operations a few years ago to directly cater to homeowners, offering them access to his comprehensive product line.


A Family Affair
During the period when they were homeschooling their two children, Brandon's wife, Alicia Adamson, played a pivotal role in shaping Brandon's vision by contributing to the development of websites and marketing strategies. As part of their homeschooling curriculum, the children gained insights into the intricacies of managing business affairs and financial responsibilities. As they reached an appropriate age, the children independently expressed interest in joining the family business, further cementing their commitment to the entrepreneurial journey.

Broadening the Companies
Since the establishment of UBQ Industries, the family has diversified their ventures into additional markets. Among these ventures is Rustic Strength, a company co-founded by them, specializing in the production of high-purity household goods. The inception of this business stemmed from Devin's heightened sensitivity to conventional big-box brand products, coupled with Alicia's onset of endocrine issues.

Community Development
Situated in a small town with limited employment prospects, the manufacturing plant has played a crucial role in bolstering job opportunities for the local community. Since its inception and subsequent expansion, both businesses founded by the Adamson family have steadily increased their workforce each year. This growth has not only contributed to economic development within the community but has also provided valuable employment opportunities for residents, fostering a sense of stability and prosperity.