Become a distributor or buy at bulk discount store for decorative concrete products

Become a distributor or buy at bulk discount store for decorative concrete products

Watching the decorative concrete industry for 20 plus years, I have noticed if you want in the game you have to be a distributor of someone’s product. It is hard to find a company that just wants to sell equipment, products or supplies without you distributing for them.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that distributing for a company is bad. If it works for you and what your business plan is. Go for it. However, what happens if you are just a contractor who needs products, materials or equipment to do a job. You just want to focus on the work you do and increase your bottom line by finding good product and reasonable prices.

Hallway project using acid stain 

This is where finding a wholesale, bulk-pricing company is beneficial. Finding a company that lets you purchase just the right amount for each project, has timely shipping and good prices can mean the difference between profits and loss on a project.

When I purchase product I like to KNOW the company I am dealing with. Amazon and eBay are great for researching other company’s products but I like to know the company has other merits besides an account or store on these sites.

I don’t trust many people to be honest and I trust even less the people without a good website! I want to know I can email a company and get results if a product had an issue or failed on me.

You should always do what is right for you and your company when it comes to purchasing supplies, equipment and materials.

UBQ industries is new to the online world but is by no means new to the decorative concrete industry.