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Acid Stain Color Reducer | Dilute

Acid Stain Color Reducer | Dilute

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Use Active Elements – Dilute to achieve a lighter shade of Concrete Acid Stain color. With Active Elements – Dilute blend of proprietary enhancers, your Concrete Acid Stain will maintain vivid tones when diluting for lighter shades. Dilute keeps the correct chemical balance to let the Concrete Acid Stain open the pores of the concrete floor and deliver color.

***For use with Concrete Acid Stain Only!!!

• Interior and Exterior Concrete Surfaces 
• Commercial, Retail, Residential
• Maintain vivid tones when diluting for lighter shades
• Keeps the correct chemical balance
• Has proprietary enhancers to dilute the acid stain properly (do not just use water)

Mix 1-3 parts Active Elements – Dilute with Concrete Acid Stain when diluting for lighter shades of color.  Apply a test sample of the diluted stain in an inconspicuous area of the floor to verify the color.  It is advised to use the same application method for the test spot as what is planned for the entire floor.  Do not exceed 3 Parts Active Elements – Dilute per 1 part Concrete Acid Stain.

Review the Tech Data Sheet (TDS) - pdf file (printable) before purchasing.
Other Products may be needed.  The TDS will have that listed information. 

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