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Acrylic Floor Finish | Advance Protect & Shine Sealer

Acrylic Floor Finish | Advance Protect & Shine Sealer

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Active Elements - Protect & Shine is a high gloss long-lasting and renewable maintenance coat for interior decorative concrete floors. Protect & Shine is a rapid return-to-service product making it ideal for retail and commercial floors where maintenance must be performed during after-hours.  It is also perfect for residential floors especially when there are pets present or the floors get heavy use.
 **Protect & Shine should be applied over the top of a base sealer such as Active Elements – Advance Seal.**

• Interior Concrete Sealer 
• Commercial, Retail, Residential
• Maintenance coat for decorative concrete surfaces
• High gloss, long lasting acrylic floor finish

500 - 1000 square feet per gallon.  Coverage variations depend on concrete surface porosity and the amount of material applied.

Dry to Touch     5-15 minutes
Recoat              30 minutes
Light Traffic.     1 hour            
Full Cure           5 hours

Prior to the application of Active Elements - Protect & Shine, the floor must be clean and dry.  A previously applied base sealer must be fully cured.

Finish mop or floor finish applicator.

Completely dampen the finish applicator with Active Elements - Protect & Shine and apply a very thin coat.  As Protect & Shine is being applied it should make the floor look wet but not milky.  If you are seeing a milky haze, reduce the amount of material being applied per square foot. Each successive coat should be applied perpendicular to the previous coat to reduce lap marks.

Review the tech data sheet(TDS) - pdf file (printable) before purchasing
Other products may be needed.  The TDS will have that listed information.  

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