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Finished Concrete Floor Cleaner | Daily Clean

Finished Concrete Floor Cleaner | Daily Clean

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Keep your beautiful floors clean without damaging the surface!  Active Elements - Daily Clean is a concentrated, no-rinse cleaner for commercial, retail, and residential floors.  It has a neutral balanced pH to protect the surface shine and aggressive cleaners to remove tough dirt.  Its fresh fragrance leaves a pleasant aroma to let you know the floor is clean.

Dilute with water before use!

• Interior Finished Concrete Floor Cleaner 
• Commercial, Retail, Residential
• Concentrated, No-rinse floor cleaner
• pH balanced
• Tough on Dirt and Grime


Waxed Floors Sealed Floors Granite
Acrylic Floor Finish Ceramic Tile Sealed Hardwood
Epoxy Floors Linoleum Laminate
Urethane Floors Marble  


NO Prop 65 Chemicals Leaves No Film
Concentrated Formula Safe On All Sealed Floors
No Rinse Neutral pH
Non-Streaking  Fresh Clean Fragrance


Review the tech data sheet - pdf file (printable) before purchasing
Other products may be needed.  The TDS will have that listed information.

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