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Concrete Acid Stain | Red Rock

Concrete Acid Stain | Red Rock

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Active Elements – Concrete Acid Stain is a single-component solution of acidic metallic ion particles which, when applied to concrete, chemically reacts with the concrete to form oxides in the pores of the concrete. These oxides become a permanent part of the substrate to create a translucent, variegated, and sometimes marbleized effect. The art of concrete acid stain is that no two slabs will ever color exactly the same.

  • The texture of concrete, age, and dilution ratio affect the final color appearance.
  • The translucence of concrete acid stain also allows the many unique characteristics of the slab to show through. Every project is a unique piece of art.
  • Sealers and concrete conditions will dramatically affect the final outcome of concrete acid stains. Conduct a test on your slab prior to application.
  • The samples displayed are a representation only and do not guarantee the final color to be an exact match.


• Interior and Exterior Concrete Surfaces 
• Commercial, Retail, Residential
• Long lasting acid stain for cured concrete
• UV stable
• May be used on concrete: patios, walkways, countertops, and more
• Translucent, variegated, and marbled finishes

100 - 200 square feet per gallon.  Coverage varies with the surface texture of the concrete, temperature of the concrete, and ambient conditions.

Allow a minimum of 4 hours of drying/reaction time.

Concrete must be clean and free of all dirt and contaminants. Concrete floors must be open and porous prior to applying Active Elements - Concrete Acid Stain. Oil and grease must be removed prior to stain application using Active Elements - Degrease. Paints and sealers must be removed prior to stain application using Active Elements – Paint Strip.

  • Interior floors – The required minimum preparation is scrubbing using a floor machine (buffer) with a black pad, grit brush or sanding screen.
  • Exterior surfaces (broom finished) – The required minimum preparation is pressure washing. 

When a lighter color is desired, use Active Elements – Dilute as a reducing agent.  Mix at a ratio of 1 Part Active Elements - Concrete Acid Stain to 1 Part Active Elements – Dilute

Equipment must be constructed of plastic or other non-corrosive material. The stain can be applied using a plastic pump sprayer, brush, rag, or sponge. Wash equipment thoroughly after use with water.

After the full stain reaction has occurred neutralize the concrete by scrubbing the surface with Active Elements - Neutralize (8oz in 5 gallons water). A stiff bristle brush or broom should be used to scrub in the neutralizing solution. Use a wet vacuum to collect residue and wastewater. Dispose in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

**This product may only be used on fully cured concrete.  Allow a minimum of 28-45 days of cure time after the concrete placement to allow ample time for the concrete to completely hydrate.

Color Chart of Concrete Acid Stains - pdf file
Review the tech data sheet (TDS) - pdf file (printable) before purchasing
Other products may be needed.  The TDS will have that listed information.

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