Concrete Acid Stain Sample Pack - 16oz bottles

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10 bottles of 16oz concrete stain -
that is 1 - 16oz bottle of each Active Elements acid stains
(1 coffee bean, 1 colorado gold, 1 desert fire, 1 english mahogany, 1 pacific dogwood, 1 red rock, 1 rosewood, 1 sanibel, 1 timberwolf, 1 yukon) included inside this concrete stain sample pack order.

Active Elements – Concrete Acid Stain is a single component solution of acidic metallic ion particles which, when applied to concrete, chemically reacts with the concrete to form oxides in the pores of the concrete. These oxides become a permanent part of the substrate to create a translucent, variegated and sometimes marbleized effect. The art of concrete acid stain is that no two slabs will ever color exactly the same.

• The texture of concrete, age and dilution ratio affect final color appearance.
• The translucence of concrete acid stain also allows the many unique characteristics of the slab to show through. Every project is a unique piece of art.
• Sealers and concrete condition will dramatically affect the final outcome of concrete acid stains. Conduct a test on your slab prior to application.
• The samples displayed are a representation only and do not guarantee the final color to be an exact match.

Color Chart of Concrete Acid Stains - pdf file
for more information on this product go to the tech data sheet (TDS) - pdf file