Speed Color - Antique Brick - Concrete paint (brown/red)

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Active Elements – Speed Color is a rapid drying solvent-based concentrate for transforming the color of concrete in a matter of minutes. Speed color comes in 24 different beautiful colors, which are UV resistant and add richness and elegance to any decorative concrete project. Restoring the look of old faded pavers, creating a unique color scheme on a boring retaining wall or fast coloring of your vertical concrete project, Speed Color has you covered.

***For Exterior Use Only*** Speed color contains flammable solvents!

Concrete Block
Retaining block
Pool Deck
Garage Floor
Retaining Walls 
Parking Garages
Vertical Concrete 
Landscape Block
Faux Finishes


1 Quart Speed Color concentrate (6oz) combine with 1 quart of acetone.
1 Gallon Speed Color concentrate (24oz) combine with 1 gallon of acetone.
*** All measurements of Speed Color concentrate are by weight. Acetone is measured by volume.

Coverage – 300-600 square feet per gallon.
Coverage variations depend on concrete surface porosity and amount of material applied.

Drying Time
Dry to touch: 2-10 minutes
Recoat: 5-10 minutes
Clear Seal Top Coat: 30 minutes
Dry times are for 75 degree (F) temperatures and medium humidity. Low temperatures will slow drying and curing time. Do not apply if rain is expected within 3 - 6 hours.                                                                              
• The texture of concrete, age and dilution ratio affect final color appearance.
• The translucence of concrete acid stain also allows the many unique characteristics of the slab to show through. Every project is a unique piece of art.
• Sealers and concrete condition will dramatically affect the final outcome of concrete acid stains. Conduct a test on your slab prior to application.
• The samples displayed are a representation only and do not guarantee the final color to be an exact match.

Color Chart of Concrete Acid Stains - pdf file
for more information on this product go to the tech data sheet (TDS) - pdf file