Liquid Release - stamping, texturing or imprinting concrete, overlay and vertical coatings systems

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Active Elements – Liquid Release is a clear release to be used when stamping, texturing or imprinting concrete, overlay and vertical coating systems. It acts as a temporary bond breaker for your imprinting tools. 

  • Awesome “Monkey Farts” fragrance
  • Safe to use on uncolored and integral colored surfaces.
  • Safe for use on vertical systems
  • Liquid Release evaporates completely without leaving residue.
  • Lubricates texturing tools for longer life span
  • Clear release allows for immediate project inspection.
  • Much cleaner alternative to powder release agents.
  • Prevents concrete and overlay build up on tools 

When surface is ready for imprinting, spray a uniform layer of Liquid Release on imprinting tools and project surface. It may be necessary to reapply often during windy and/or hot conditions.
Avoid “puddling” of Liquid Release on the surface.
DO NOT incorporate or trowel Liquid Release into the wet/plastic concrete, overlay or vertical mix.
All sprayer equipment used for Liquid Release application must be industrial grade solvent resistant rated. 

150-250 square feet per gallon. Coverage variations depend on type of imprinting operation, ambient conditions and type of sprayer being used.

for more information on this product go to the tech data sheet (TDS) - pdf file