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Liquid Stamp Release | Concrete Overlay

Liquid Stamp Release | Concrete Overlay

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Active Elements – Liquid Stamp Release is a clear release to be used when stamping, texturing, or imprinting concrete, overlay, and vertical coating systems.  It acts as a temporary bond breaker for your imprinting tools.

  • Awesome “Monkey Farts” fragrance
  • Safe to use on uncolored and integral colored surfaces.
  • Safe for use on vertical systems
  • Lubricates texturing tools for longer life span
  • Clear release allows for immediate project inspection.
  • Much cleaner alternative to powder release agents.

• Interior and Exterior Concrete Surfaces
• Commercial, Retail, Residential
• Temporary Bond Breaker for Stamping, Texturing, or Imprinting
• Evaporates Without Leaving Residue
• Prevents Concrete and Overlay Build up on Tools

150-250 square feet per gallon. Coverage variations depend on type of imprinting operation, ambient conditions and type of sprayer being used.

Review the tech data sheet (TDS) - pdf file (printable) before purchasing
Other products may be needed.  The TDS will have that listed information.

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