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Overlay Primer | Concrete Overlay - 5lb

Overlay Primer | Concrete Overlay - 5lb

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Active Elements – Overlay Primer increases overlay bond strength to the substrate, it has a very high tensile adhesion strength to the applied substrate and is 100% compatible with the Active Elements line of polymer-modified overlays.  Active Elements - Overlay Primer also increases the workability of overlays by sealing off the pours of the substrate stopping the rapid absorption of water from the overlay.  This improves the curing rate and overall performance of the applied overlay. Tensile Bond Strength evaluation according to ASTM C 1538 using an Instron is 355 psi.

• Interior and Exterior Concrete
• Residential, Commercial and Retail Use
• Increases Overlay Bond Strength
• Very High Tensile Adhesion Strength
• Increase the Workability of Overlays

Apply at a rate of 100-300 square feet per gallon.  The coverage rate is based on the surface being applied to.  Very rough, porous surfaces will require more material to achieve the best results.

Roll onto the surface with 3/8” -1/2” nap roller.
Part of the material will remain as a solid.
Mix each time before adding material to the roller pan or surface.

Review the tech data sheet (TDS) - pdf file (printable) before purchasing
Other products may be needed.  The TDS will have that listed information.

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