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True Seal 400S | Concrete Sealer

True Seal 400S | Concrete Sealer

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Active Elements – True Seal 400S is a high-quality, 400 VOC, solvent-based sealer designed for exterior decorative concrete projects. It is a tough acrylic methacrylate blended polymer that produces coatings with excellent gloss, stain-resistance, and is easy to clean. Adhesion to properly prepared concrete surfaces is excellent and the material is non-yellowing.
True Seal 400S is fortified with a dual-functioning HALS + UV absorber additive for maximum color protection. For next-level protection from salt, chlorine, and chemical attacks True Seal 400S contains a multifunctional silane additive to reject chemical attacks and promote adhesion and crosslinking.

• Exterior Concrete Sealer 
• Commercial, Retail, Residential
• Fortified with HALS + UV absorber
• Solvent Based
• Next level protection from salt, chlorine, and chemical attack

100-200 square feet per gallon. Coverage variations depend on concrete surface porosity and the amount of material applied.

Dry to touch              15-40 minutes
Recoat                       30-40 minutes
Light Foot Traffic      3 hours
Heavy Traffic            48-72 hours
Dry times are for 75 degree (F) temperatures and medium humidity. Low temperatures will slow drying and curing time. Do not apply if rain is expected within 3 - 6 hours.

Concrete must be clean and free of dirt, dust, oil, grease, mold, mildew, and any other contaminants. Acid-stained concrete must be neutralized, thoroughly cleaned, and dry prior to sealing. Pigment-stained concrete must be completely cured prior to sealing. All new concrete should be allowed to cure for a minimum of 28-45 days, or until a pH reading of 10.5 or less is achieved. Concrete must be completely dry prior to sealer application. It is strongly recommended that a surface probe moisture meter be utilized to verify the surface is dry. After visually determining the concrete is dry, test a minimum of 10 different areas of the concrete with the moisture meter. Pay special attention to cracks, control joints, and slab edges.

Pump sprayer, Airless sprayer, or Roller & Brush

When spraying, protect the surroundings with masking paper, masking plastic, or a spray shield. Always use a filter when pouring True Seal 400S into a sprayer.  Use only high-quality industrial-grade solvent-resistant spray equipment. Concrete surface temperature must be between 50 - 90 degrees (F).

Work material into a wet edge, and avoid excessive back rolling. When applying two coats, roll the second coat perpendicular to the first.

Review the tech data sheet (TDS)- pdf file (printable) before purchasing
Other products may be needed.  The TDS will have that listed information.

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