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Water Repel 101 | Concrete Sealer

Water Repel 101 | Concrete Sealer

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Active Elements - Water Repel 101 is a water-based silane-siloxane product for porous construction materials such as concrete, bricks, blocks, stones, and mortar.  It forms an invisible protective barrier that bonds to the unsealed concrete stone or masonry surface.
Water Repel 101 impregnates and chemically reacts with masonry or cement-based materials to provide hydrophobicity and reduce water ingress in treated materials.
Water Repel 101 does not add thickness nor is it a topical sealer.  It will not make the surface glossy or change the appearance of the product to which it is applied. 
Water Repel 101 is solvent-free with small molecular structure silanes to impregnate the substrate.  The silanes react chemically and bond with the substrate which produces a durable hydrophobic treatment.

• Penetrates, Bonds, & Seals
• Resists UV, Salt, Mold & Mildew
• No Peeling, No Hot Tire Pick-Up
• Horizontal and Vertical Uses
• Interior and Exterior
• Residential, Commercial, Retail Concrete and Masonry
• No Build Sealer
• Water-Based


200-400 square feet per gallon based on surface porosity. * In hot dry climates it is recommended to slightly dampen the concrete surface with water prior to the application of Active Elements - Water Repel 101


Re-Coat – when the surface is no longer “milky” but still damp. (10 - 60 min )
Light Foot traffic – 12 Hours
Vehicle Traffic – 24 Hours
Full Cure / Maximum effectiveness – 7 days

    Do not apply to painted or stained surfaces. Make sure all cure and seal compounds have been removed. Cover windows, doors, etc., prior to application. Use caution when applying on windy days. Remove any overspray immediately with water.

    • Exteriors: Scrub surface with Active Elements - Degrease and pressure wash.
    • Interiors: Scrub surface with a black pad and Active Elements - Degrease using a floor machine.

    Do not Dilute – The sealer is packaged as a ready-to-use material
    !!! Protect all surfaces around the application area from overspray!!!

    Using a pump sprayer with a fine tip, apply Water Repel 101 in a sufficient amount to wet the concrete surface.  Do not excessively apply for it will leave puddles.  For maximum effect, it is preferred to apply 1 medium coat, then after the surface is no longer “milky” looking but still damp, apply a second light coat. Back rolling with a 3/8 nap roller may be necessary on steep grades to keep Water Repel 101 from running.
    On vertical surfaces, apply Water Repel 101 with a brush & 3/8 nap roller or HVLP sprayer.

    Review the tech data sheet (TDS) - pdf file (printable) before purchasing
    Other products may be needed.  The TDS will have that listed information.  

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